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Guitarist Mike Keefer, hampton roads born and based, currently residing in gloucester Va.,30 years experience on guitar, live performances, guitar lessons and acoustic performances by appointment only. Rock influenced, known for playing songs and riffs by artists such as Ace Frehley, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Randy Rhoads and many more 80's rock bands and songs.

Some of the bands i've played with in hampton roads, in order:

Fifth Star, Hit Alpha, Churchill, Keefer & Co., 10 Foot 6

I took lessons from Mike Larkin and immediately asked Mike to show me how to learn something by ear, that is how i learn, play, and teach. If you are interested in guitar lessons by way of sheet music or tab, please contact Mike Larkin located in Gloucester Va.@ 804-815-0094  

I teach guitar more by way of feel and ear and memory, i dont mind sending you home with homework, but i try to work towards teaching students to play w/out the use or need of sheet music in front of them, cheat sheets are ok and encouraged if needed. But the experience i try to relay is what i learned back in the 80's, a very raw, basic set of scale and chord phrasing to be expanded as comfort levels allow.

I recorded my 1st CD in '97   'Ballads' , i formed & booked an original band to promote the cd, thus bringing Keefer & Co. to life. Some of the music had a nice rock feel to it but several ballads kept it and me in check, i was able to get my very first song on the radio 'Love You More'. I'm very excited to say i'm currently working on my 2nd CD, i've got 4 or 5 songs down and have some live recordings of other original efforts to sift through to determine the new CD's setlist. I'm shooting for sometime around 2012's end to have the bulk of the CD done and ready for mastering and producing.